Ulysse Nardin

In 1983, a group led by Rolf W. Schnyder took on the Ulysse Nardin replica business. Mr. Schnyder´s passion for replica watches along with his powerful business drive have propelled Ulysse Nardin towards the top of the luxury replica watch section. Nowadays, Ulysse Nardin swiss replica watches are collectible things treasured by watch aficionados worldwide. Ulysse Nardin's revived status in its field is a direct effect of the devotion of Dr. Ludwig Oechslin, our watchmakers and most of those related to the business. Evidence of the virtuosity is to be found in patents accumulated over the last ten years, the greatest number in the business of mechanical watchmaking.

Ulysse Nardin replica watches: Some of those patents found their first program in the Perpetual Ludwig, created to the organization's 150th anniversary. In a groundbreaking leap of creativity, the date, day, year and month signs on the perpetual calendar can be put backwards and forward with a single crown. Even the year 2100 requires hold no fear for owners, that will be able to correct the endless calendar immediately with the exact same crown. To mark the start of the new millennium, Ulysse Nardin introduced the GMT± Perpetual, two exclusive and unique timepieces delivered together in 1 replica watch. The near future of Ulysse Nardin is looking as golden as its previous, due largely to the enduring support of our employees, agents and retailers. I thank each and every one of them with all my heart. Their religion, loyalty, ability and commitment are crucial to us in our quest to redefine the boundaries of mechanical watchmaking and to keep Ulysse Nardin in its own pre-eminent place for the upcoming years.

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